Feb 9, 2013

saturday morning

Thanks to Pinterest, I tried out waffle iron cinnamon buns for breakfast this morning. 

They were absolutely delicious and so easy.  We used Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, because they are our favorite, but any pre-made brand will do (and I'm sure you could get fancy and use homemade cinnamon rolls too.)  Pop them into your waffle maker a few at a time (don't let them get too crowded) and let it do its thing. I left it on the same setting we use for waffles and it worked great, but you might want to test one out before you go for it.  Take them out of the waffle iron and drizzle the icing on top. And voila, cinnamon bun waffles. 



  1. Um that kind of sounds like the best thing ever! I am going to have to try this out with my own waffle iron! Pinterest is seriously filled with so many wonderfully amazing ideas to try out.

    1. They ARE the best thing ever! You should definitely try it out.

  2. those look so good! i think i might need to make some this weekend.